Round Table

Roundtable | Build-to-Rent and Affordable Housing

What does the future hold for build-to-rent real estate and how can industry further respond in a practical way?


Housing affordability in Australia has moved from an economic problem to a social crisis. 

Innovative solutions that bring together governments, community housing providers and the private sector are crucial in solving Australia’s desperate, and growing housing affordability crisis.

As investors look for resilience and private developers shift to meet the growing housing supply crisis, institutional residential assets will play an important role in meeting future demand.

During the past 5 years, a pipeline of now-completed build-to-rent projects has emerged—providing evidence that the model works on our shores. 

So what does the future hold for build-to-rent real estate and how can industry further respond in a practical way?

Robert Papaleo
National Director | Build-to-Rent

Robert is a leading analyst and trusted advisor. His extensive professional real estate experience includes the creation of industry-first research programs to analyse development activity across the spectrum of Australia’s housing submarkets.

Robert has been appointed to lead Colliers’ holistic approach to the Build to Rent asset class.

Working with colleagues across several service lines, Robert will draw from a deep understanding of market forces, planning policy, demographic factors and evolution of housing markets across Australia to support clients’ investments across the Built To Rent market.

Chrystan Paul
Chief Executive Officer
Alt Living

Chrystan is CEO of Alt Living, having co-founded the business in 2020 as a build-to-rent (BTR) platform focused on delivering homes for rent in Australian cities.

Alt Living currently has a development pipeline of 430 homes for rent across two sites in inner-city Melbourne, with a forecasted GRV of $600 million.

Chrystan is recognised as a thought-leader within the local BTR sector, having been an early mover and previously building a BTR operating businesses in NSW, managing nine assets and onboarding over 450 tenants.

Zoe Ridgway
Associate Director

Applying architectural principles to enact change and improve and enrich the way people live is a key driver for Arkhefield Associate Director Zoe Ridgway.

As Arkhefield’s “emerging housing” specialist, Zoe has led Brisbane student accommodation projects including the award-winning Student One in Elizabeth Arcade and Student One in Adelaide Street.

Andrew Gutteridge
Principal and Founding Director

With one eye firmly focussed on the future of architecture in Queensland, Andrew Gutteridge, Arkhefield’s founding partner, is an architect and a story teller who is committed to creating spaces that serve the communities that use them.

Date & Time

Thursday 04 August

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM