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Over three days, Urbanity will bring together industry leaders, visionaries and disrupters from across the Asia-Pacific to deliver inspired learning and connection.

This year we will explore the theme of:

A New Urban Future

This year’s Urbanity program draws inspiration from the challenges, change, hope and innovation that has arisen from one of modern history’s most defining moments, Covid-19.

Out of the pandemic will rise a new approach to the way that citizens of the world interact with their cities.

From housing and workplaces to transportation and migration, the built environment is forever changed.

Urbanity’s purpose this year is to explore this change and identify the behaviour, policies and approaches that will define the next generation of cities.




The program will also explore a series of emerging themes including:


Disruptive Demographics

We’ll explore the changing patterns of society, economies and cities as the response to the pandemic evolves and matures.

We’ll try to understand how property markets will be impacted and seek to understand the risks and opportunities inherent within this change.


The Future of Work, Life and Play

We’ll tackle how workplaces, housing, commerce and social interaction will be redefined in the decades to come by stepping inside the mind of those shaping their future.

We’ll explore shifting workplace habits, emerging asset classes such as Build-to-Rent, e-commerce and logistics and the development of cultural precincts.


Purposeful and Diverse Precincts

We’ll explore the development of integrated precincts across the Asia Pacific that attract, retain and grow people and property in a sustainable way, both environmentally, economically and socially.

We’ll hear directly from the people and companies responsible for delivering a new generation of precinct development.


Clean, Green and Responsible

We’ll explore how climate change, renewable energy solutions, bio-products and disruptive technologies will influence property value and construction supply chains into the future.

We’ll also dive deep into the most advanced green buildings in the region by speaking directly with the developers, architects and consultants that are creating the change of the future.


Infrastructure Innovation

We take a look at the most innovative infrastructure outcomes that are delivering essential urban solutions for millions of people in the region.

We’ll be exploring high-speed mobility solutions, Olympic Games infrastructure, innovative quarantine facilities and urban farming outcomes, just to name a few.


Can Culture be Created

We explore the leading cultural precincts and ask ourselves the question: can culture be created or is it an organic by-product of development?

By speaking directly with the pioneers of some of Australia’s most iconic cultural venues, we seek to answer this fundamental question.



Urbanity wouldn’t be Urbanity without a sprinkling of some seriously big thinking. We’ll be taking a look at how disruptive ideas and technologies from outside the property industry can be embraced to deliver better urban outcomes.


The Visionaries and Their Projects

At the core of Urbanity is still a fundamental focus on bringing together the creators of the most visionary projects to ensure that we can all learn directly from the industry’s best.

We’ve tracked down developers, architects and other creators of some of the most remarkable – big and small – projects in this region so you don’t have to.